Professional Tree Removals in Akron, OH

When a tree is damaged, sick, or has died, it can become a problem or even a threat to your property. Mike Jones & Sons Tree Service in Akron, OH, has 40-plus years of experience in safe and efficient tree removals. We’ve helped many customers remove dead or damaged trees to keep their homes safe.

Tree Service Package
$890.99 Beautification Package- Package Value $1187.99
$1,781.99 Extended Stay Package- Package Value $2078.98
$2,375.98 Full Service Package- Package Value $2672.89

Efficient Tree Removals

Each tree removal job our team handles is done with precision and efficiency. We always work safely to make sure there’s no damage done to your property or to help eliminate the potential of future damage. You only need to call us, and we’ll get that dangerous tree out in no time.

Damaged Trees

Storms, accidents, fires, and disease can all cause damage to trees and create a problem. Sick trees invite the possibility of other infections in your plants and can attract pests. A damaged tree could potentially fall and cause injury or damage. When there’s been damage or disease, contact Mike Jones & Sons Tree Service for the best tree removal services.

Stump Removals

We also provide quick stump removals. This service is often overlooked, but it’s integral to the look of your property. Stumps can attract fungi, disease, and pests. Let us make sure the problem is handled from the root up.


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You don’t have to stress or worry when you need tree removal services. Mike Jones & Sons Tree Service has over four decades of knowledge and will provide quick services to help you with any removal or stump grinding you need. Call us today to schedule a virtual or in-person quote and see how we can assist you.