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High-Quality Seasoned Firewood in Akron, OH 

Finding high-quality firewood for sale can be a challenge; sometimes it isn’t seasoned enough, costs too much, and can be a low-quality wood. At Mike Jones & Sons Tree Service in Akron, OH, we provide only the best split firewood bundles that are guaranteed to be properly seasoned to give you everything you need to keep your home and family warm and comfortable. Plus, we offer firewood delivered and stacked anywhere you need it.    

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Our Delivery Prices are Based on Mileage

Over Four Decades of Excellence 

The seasoned firewood provided by our company is of the best quality. One reason our company has been around for over 40 years is that we always provide quality products and services to our customers, whether it be removing a tree or giving you the firewood your home needs to stay warm. Let us give you excellent seasoned firewood bundles for a great price.  

Guaranteed Seasoned Firewood 

With us, you have the option of getting green wood if you’d like to season it yourself, but if you want stacked firewood that’s ready to go, Mike Jones & Sons Tree Service also provides guaranteed seasoned firewood. We expertly season the wood to be in perfect condition for fires without burning too quickly or not being able to light.  

Delivery & Stacking

You don’t have to worry about the hard work and heavy lifting of buying a cord of wood when you work with us. We offer firewood delivery services and will stack the wood for you as well. Our delivery prices are based on mileage, ensuring everyone who wants seasoned firewood has access to our high-quality products. You can sit back and relax while our team handles the firewood stacking and delivery anywhere on your property

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Call for Firewood

Our team is here to give you superior firewood. Don’t settle for low-quality wood or pay for overpriced cords of wood. Contact Mike Jones & Sons Tree Service to get the best seasoned firewood in town. Call us to schedule an in-person or virtual estimate and to learn more about the wood we offer today.

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